I enjoy working with colorful discarded and mundane materials to explore their possibilities and potential in the creation of unsuspected materials based around the ideas of what constitutes a cloth or a painting. 

Belgian born, my two previous generations had lived through the war: reusing and recycling is part of my social conditioning. My techniques are borrowed from my situation as a female housewife where repetitive labor in the home environment serves as a valid exploration in my creative process. I also applied my background experience as a quilter to my work.

Home, repetition, labor and selective recycling define my practice.

During the last few years, I have been collecting, cleaning and cutting strips from Nespresso capsules. I reassemble the material collected to create tableaux or cloths like textiles. The repetitive action of deconstructing and rebuilding allows a private space for the mind to wander, as the hands are busy. My actions are part of a daily ritual.